We can all be proud of the clean, positive campaign we ran.

Statement from Fairer Future.

The membership of Fianna Fáil have spoken, and they have spoken clearly. Micheál Martin is our leader and he will be our Taoiseach. We wish him and the new Government every success during these challenging times for our country.

This has been a robust contest but it has been a good process for Fianna Fáil. While we are disappointed with the decision to enter Government with Fine Gael, it was a privilege to speak to thousands of members across the country about this issue at hand and the future of our movement.

For too long our members have been ignored and taken for granted. This contest ensures that this will never happen again.

Speaking to Fianna Fáil members across the county, it is clear that they want an organisation that is responsive to their needs and supports the work of the national party.

It is our intention to continue the work of Fairer Future.